I hope you had a nice Easter holiday even if while staying at home it's not a "holiday" in the classical sense. However, at the moment it's important to stay home and stay safe! I had some thoughts during these days that I want to share with you. 

During Easter, we commemorate rebirth and celebrate new life, new beginnings…In these challenging times, I think it’s also an important moment to reflect on where we are and how we will restart once the crisis and quarantine period is over.

For me personally, the last couple of years have been shaped by new beginnings - it’s a blessing and a big challenge at the same time.
For one, I started Animazul two years ago, quit my job and focussed full time to become an entrepreneur. Now, one year after officially incorporating the company, we are already a small team.
A few months ago, I became the mother of a wonderful baby boy! I returned to work after my maternity leave in the middle of the quarantine period in a new city that we call home for the next few weeks until we are able to go back to Switzerland. 

I don’t get to have more “free time” now that we are all at home and I’m back to work with my remote team, but fortunately, I have been used to being home during the winter with a newborn. Still, not having the option to go out, see other people and being scared about this virus and the health of our loved ones and our community, not to mention the financial implications this crisis will have in the long term...well, like most of you know - it’s tough. 

Whenever I have a difficult day, I remind myself of how much I have to be thankful for what we have - health, safety, long term perspective. At Animazul we have been creating new partnerships, and asking ourselves again, what’s our purpose, what’s our mission and how do we want to move forward? 

Our planned events, pop-ups, trips and team meetings and visits to our distributors are canceled - so yes, like for many others, challenging times are ahead of us too. But at the same time - I’m thankful for the support small businesses are getting in Switzerland that will help with liquidity in the meantime. But small businesses and our brands in Latin America are not so lucky.

I admire all our brands that even in the face of adversity, keep operating and working with their artisans from home. Some of our brands have even repurposed their factories to produce face masks or have engaged their artisans in rural areas to produce them; others are giving the artisans materials so that they can continue their work from home and others are donating food so that they have enough to get by. And last but not least, I thank my team and especially, our partner Züriwerk who continue with caution, so that our orders can still be shipped. 

I cannot be in the front line - so what can I do to help during this crisis? Well - I think everyone should do, whatever they do best. We at Animazul.com will remain open for business, and will as we have during the last 2 years, continue to invest all our energy into supporting and creating a market for wonderful Latin American fashion and design brands with a story and an impact in their communities.

Stay home, stay safe! We are here for you at Animazul.com during the crisis and will be looking forward to seeing you once the crisis is over, in one of our events or Pop-Ups. 


Founder of Animazul

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