Down to Xjabelle

Down to Xjabelle is an inclusive clothing and accessory brand by Guatemalan fashion designer Isabella Springmühl Tejada.
Drawing inspiration from the lack of representation and variety in clothing Isabella used her own body to design clothing that would better fit individuals with Down Syndrome. All pieces are handmade by a small team of female weavers, artisans, and seamstresses. Made almost exclusively from Guatemalan textiles Isabella incorporates indigenous textiles with upcycled materials alongside colourful pompoms, fringes, beads, and tassels which are characteristic of the brand. 
Down to Xjabelle made its debut in 2016 when Isabella was invited to London Fashion Week Down as an emerging designer. Since then, Down to Xjabelle has participated in fashion shows around the world including Italy, Mexico, Panama, the United States and now Switzerland and Germany.
Isabella has been named one of the 100 Women 2016 by the BBC and is often invited as an inspirational speaker promoting a more inclusive society.
*Clothes can be returned or exchanged within a period of 15 days. See our Return Policy for more information.