KANOMI is a swim + resort wear luxury line inspired by the natural wonders of Venezuela and designed with the modern woman in mind. Founded in 1999 by María Doménica Atencio, the brand owes its name to the Guava fruit in the Pemon language spoken by the indigenous tribe which inhabits the Gran Sabana, south of Venezuela. Each piece holds a meaning that evokes the roots of the Latin American country, a tropical canvas of endless creative discovery.
Handcrafted in Caracas KANOMI introduces summer capsules ethically produced in conscious batches following a zero-waste philosophy. The skilled Manos Kanomi, combined with exceptional fabrics and premium techniques, results in the creation of pieces that feature slightly unique elements as part of the process making and luxury provenance. Through a seamless fusion of volumes, sculpted silhouettes, and a precise fit, the label explores the notion of Modern Tropical Sleekness to wear beyond water and sun, trends and seasons; swim + resort wear that embodies the boldness and vitality of nature and transforms with the individual lifestyle of the contemporary woman.