Mama Tierra

Mama Tierra is a Swiss NGO that works hand in hand with the Wayuu indigenous people in La Guajira desert, which lies between Colombia and Venezuela in the most northern part of South America. Mama Tierra supports the local Wayuu by keeping their culture alive and boosting their economy, generating stable jobs, and ensuring the future of the next generation. Together with the local communities, Mama Tierra finds new paths to foster talents. Everything they do is in harmony with their values, their culture, and the environment. 
In Spanish Mama Tierra stands for "Mother Earth". The indigenous Wayuu woman inspired the brand - she is the one that earns the family’s living, brings up the children, struggles for the preservation of nature, and passes on the indigenous heritage.
Check out Mama Tierra's collection inspired by the traditional Wayuu craftsmanship, all handmade in La Guajira, and finished in Switzerland.