Our Story

Our mission is to find Latin American brands that create beautiful products and have a unique story to tell. And since we love stories, this is ours. 

Our story began in Guatemala. My brothers and I grew up surrounded by beautiful textiles, antiques, Mayan art and culture. Since we can remember, our parents would take us on weekends to visit Mayan sites across Guatemala, help out in our small "finca" in the pacific coast, visit markets and discover new towns and regions on long weekends. It was beautiful and (most of the time) very fun.

From time to time, our dad would encourage our entrepreneurial spirit by asking us to sell whatever it was we were producing at the finca. My first attempt as a sales wasn't very successful. After our nice neighbor offered me ice cream, I couldn't take her money and left the oranges as a gift. I was much better at my own "tienda", a wooden shop with my name on it that I got as a Christmas present. Every guest was practically forced to come and buy something :) 

A lot has happened since then, my older brother and I now live in Switzerland and now we're back in business together. He is the talented creative behind our brand!  

We love Switzerland but a big part of our heart and soul stayed in Latin America across the big blue Atlantic. We are passionate about textiles, craftsmanship and travelling. Personally, my heart races every time I see a hand-made scarf, huipil, or carved piece of art. We're always amazed about the creativity, passion and quality of the products that Latin America offers. And now, we're excited to find those unique brands with a great story that are keeping traditions alive, create beautiful pieces and have an impact in their communities. 

That's why we decided to launch animazul - a platform for Latin American fashion brands with a story and impact. 

Karin, Founder of Animazul