JETLAGMODE is an unexpected but yet fascinating journey exploring fashion and art.
It is a magical outlet that allows the founder, Carolina Baena, to find inspiration through her travels, her encounters with art and the people she meets along the way. Every product is exclusive and full of authenticity; they each tell a story.
The collections are made in Colombia with authentic and local materials, with the intention to rescue traditional technics, that has been passed generation by generation.
All products are completely handmade, which has allowed Jetlgamode to generate new jobs for a group of talented artisans in Medellín & Cali. 
As a conscious brand Jetlagmode is doing our best to stay true to their dream to, not only be socially-responsible, but also be an eco-friendly company. Almost 80% of our materials are sustainable today and we are proud to share that we use as many recycled materials as possible, as well as natural fibers.
JETLAGLOVE is a project that has been created with love. It seeks to empower women and assist underprivileged kids in Colombia. This magical and beautiful country has a special place in JETLAGMODE’S heart. We feel privileged that we have the opportunity to help those in need by combining two of our biggest passions; fashion and philanthropy.
Photo by Jetlagmode